Inspector Gagan Singh (Suresh Oberoi) gets a tip about an infamous exiled criminal Munna (Anil Kapoor), entering his jurisdiction, so he checks Munnas file. Singh is shocked to find that Munna is none other than NCC cadet Mahesh Deshmukh, an aspiring officer, whom he had met years ago at a bank in Nasik. In front of the eyes of Singh and Mahesh, a robbery took place and Maheshs parents who were bank employees were killed. Singh never got to know what happened to Mahesh.Nevertheless, Singh tracks Munna and asks him to surrender.

Munna tells him that he has to save his love Mohini (Madhuri Dixit) from the clutches of dreaded gangster Lotiya Pathan (Kiran Kumar). He reveals that he shifted to Bombay (now Mumbai) with his sister Jyoti (Suparna Anand) after the incident. He met a girl named Mohini and fell in love with her. Mohinis father Shyamlal (Anupam Kher) didnt like this relationship. Shyamlal was a drunkard who mooched off the money earned by his dancer wife (Suhas Joshi).

When she finally stood up to him, Shyamlal burned her face with sulphuric acid. She died soon afterwards, following which Shyamlal forced Mohini to follow her mothers steps.Shyamlal has taken a loan from Lotiya and the only way to repay it is to make Mohini dance. But Mohini does not give up and continues meeting Mahesh. Shyamlal meets Chote Khan, younger brother of Lotiya who joined him after completing his term for robbery case.

Chote Khan was arrested due to Mahesh.Lotiya doesnt know Maheshs identity. Shyamlal tells Lotiya that Mohini loves Mahesh whose parents were killed in a bank in Nasik. Then, Lotiya comes to know that Mahesh got Chote arrested. Chote goes to Maheshs house and tries to rape Jyoti as revenge.

Mahesh averts this and kills Chote. Mahesh is arrested and sentenced to one year in jail, after which he becomes Munna and gets exiled. Shyamlal traps Mahesh along with Guldasta (Annu Kapoor), a local tea vendor and sends the duo behind bars for six months for trespassing with intention of robbery. After serving his sentence, Mahesh goes away and becomes a rowdy. On learning the whole story from Munna, Singh allows him to complete his task.

As a revenge, Lotiya kidnaps Mohini. Shyamlal now deals with Munna to get Mohini rescued. Mahesh rescues her, but she is shocked to see that Mahesh is sending her back to her father.After saving Mohini, Munna surrenders unconditionally to Singh, whereupon he gets arrested and sent to prison. After a retrial, Munna is acquitted of his charges and plans to start a new life at Goa.

However, Jyoti convinces him to accept Mohini again. Guldasta reaches Mohinis home and explains Munnas actions to her. Shyamlal is enraged and tries to stop Mohini from leaving. Guldasta and Shyamlal have a fight in which both die. Mohini meets Munna again.

However, Lotiya, learning of Munnas acquittal conspires to kill him at a dockyard. Baban (Chunky Pandey) gets tip of Lotiyas conspiracy and challenges Lotiya. Lotiya gets enraged and a fight between him and Baban ends in Lotiya getting defeated. Baban wants to kill Lotiya in the fit of rage, but Munna intercepts him and stops him from committing murder. Meanwhile, Lotiya regains his strength and goes to attack Munna with a club.

Baban dies deflecting the attack. Munna fight back Lotiya and was about to kill him. But Inspector Singh stops him from killing Lotiya. In another attempt of Lotiya trying to kill Munna, Inspector Singh kills Lotiya with his service revolver.

Director :

N. Chandra

Cast :

Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Chunky Pandey

Genre :

Action, Romance

Producer :

Dinesh Gandhi

Release Date :


Running Time :


Music :


Soundtrack :

So Gaya Yeh Jahan
Nitin Mukesh - Shabbir Kumar - Alka Yagnik
Ek Do Teen (Male)
Amit Kumar
Ek Do Teen (Female)
Alka Yagnik
Keh Do Ke Tum
Amit Kumar - Anuradha Paudwal
Tum Ko Hum Dilbar
Sudesh Bhosle - Anuradha Paudwal
Dandia Music