Father Prem Fernandes (Jeetendra) is a well-respected Catholic Priest by the entire town. Bhanu Pratap (Danny Denzongpa) is a multimillionaire and head of the town, Peter an angry young man (Aditya Pancholi) who always fights for justice and anti to rich people, who is a son of a coffin maker Anthony(Satyendra Kapoor). Peters sister Mary (Farheen), Bhanu Prataps son Ramesh (Ronit Roy) are in love. Mary becomes pregnant, at that time Ramesh have to leave the country for few days, so she takes Fathers help to make her marriage the Ramesh because both Bhanu Pratap and Peter respect his words. But Peter misunderstands that the Father and Mary were involved in a relationship and he blames the Father for this and assaults him.

Peter gets arrested but he escapes. Next Day Mary hanging dead from a tree branch. Everyone things that she has committed suicide and she has bared without making postmortem. But the Father has a doubt on it, so he asks his twin brother S.P.

Arun Kumar (again Jeetendra) a Police officer to have the body exhumed in order to perform a postmortem. The next day when S.P. Arun Kumar exhumes Marys coffin, a shocking incident, he finds Father Prem Fernandes dead body in it. Everyone suspects Peter was the culprit, S.

P. Arun Kumar immediately begins an investigation to breakout the mystery behind missing of Marys dead body and Fathers death.

Director :

A. Jagannathan

Cast :

Jeetendra, Aditya Pancholi, Laxmikant Berde

Genre :


Producer :

K. C. Bokadia

Release Date :


Running Time :

139 minutes

Music :

Anu Malik

Soundtrack :

Doob Gaye Mere Nain Saajan
Asha Bhosle - Vinod Rathod
Faaiz Anwar
Dil Ko Bewaja
Abhijeet Bhattacharya - Alka Yagnik
Faaiz Anwar
Tu Kisi Aur Se Milne (F)
Kavita Krishnamurthy
Zameer Kazmi
Na Tum Itni Haseen Hoti
Sadhana Sargam - Vinod Rathod
Gulshan Bawra
Tu Kisi Aur Se Milne (M)
Vinod Rathod
Faaiz Anwar