Singh Saab The Great

Singh Saab the Great follows Saranjeet Singh Sunny a simple man who loves his family and values truth and believes in its triumphs. He has lived his life endorsing the good and its strength over evil. The corruption, injustice, confusion due to inefficient system in the society has always bothered him since his childhood and so he has become a collector so that he can bring in the change in the society and put things in order. But life takes its turns and he pays the price for doing no harm to anyone individually but for standing up for honesty. His life goes hay wire as he has to choose between his wife and his belief system.

He loses his wife even after he helplessly decides to compromise with his values. This is killing him inside. Revenge is all he is thinking of. He ends up in jail. Amidst all this turbulence he meets an old time friend who comes to the same jail as the jailor.

A small conversation with him makes him realize that his fight is not against an individual but against a big whole part of the society today who, blinded by selfishness, have lost the difference between the right and wrong.This changes Singhs thought process and he decides to bring in the change instead of taking revenge. In this campaign of his he is supported selflessly by a crime journalist, Shikha, who has utmost respect for him. Through this movie, we are trying to spread the message that Change Is Always Better Than Revenge. (Badla nahin, badlaav).

Through the protagonist of the story, Sunny, we are trying to make viewers/audience realize that World suffers a lot, not because of bad peoples violence; but because of good peoples silence. The common men, when united are neither common nor helpless. Singh uses this as his strength and starts his fight against the corruption, injustice, bad and wrongs and ultimately wins one battle, and moves on to another city which needs someone to make common men realize their strength.[citation needed ].

Director :

Anil Sharma

Cast :

Sunny Deol, Amrita Rao, Johny Lever, Urvashi Rautela

Genre :


Producer :

Anuj Sharma
Sangeeta Ahir

Release Date :


Running Time :

150 minutes

Music :

Anand Raj Anand
Sonu Nigam

Soundtrack :