Shree Ram Bharat Milap

While on a royal hunt, Raja Shree Dashrath hears a deer drinking from a nearby pond, shoots an arrow in its direction, and hears a human cry of pain. When he rushes over, he sees that it is not a deer, but a young man who has come to get some water for his blind parents. Before dying, the young man asks the Raja to take some water to his thirsty parents, which he agrees to do so. When the parents find out about the death of their son, they put a curse on the Raja and his family. Thus begin the trails and tests of Raja Dashrath, when Rani Kaikaye gets him to promise to send Prince Shree Ram on 14 years banishment from the Ayodhya Kingdom; to crown Prince Shree Bharat as the new king of Ayodhya.

Prince Shree Ram, Laxman, and Princess Sita agree to go on the banishment on foot, with nothing but simple clothing. Then Dashrath passes away. When Prince Bharat returns, he is told to take his rightful place on the throne, but he angrily declines, and sets forth to look for his elder brothers, and sister-in-law. When he finds them, they refuse to return, as they must keep their promise to honor their late father. Bharat agrees to wait for 14 years, and if Ram does not return, he will then set fire on himself.

Ram promises to return by that time, and in return Bharat takes Rams footwear to place on the throne. Years go by, Ram and Laxman are involved in the war against demon Lankas King Shree Ravan, who has abducted Sita, and his hordes. Will Ram and Laxman, with the help of Hanuman and the vanar sena, be able to rescue Sita from Ravans clutches, and return home to prevent Bharat from killing himself?.

Director :

Manibhai Vyas

Cast :

Prithviraj Kapoor, Vanmala, Raaj Kumar, Nirupa Roy

Genre :

Adventure, Family

Producer :

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Running Time :

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