The film follows an unnamed, almost penniless and unemployed youth (Kamal Haasan) whose fortunes change when he stumbles upon a millionaire drunk by the roadside. He takes the millionaire prisoner in his house and assumes his identity to taste the luxury of a five-star hotel. Suddenly a lady (Amala) luck smiling upon him, when he takes up the Identity of a rich man. The young man gets to live in a five-star hotel. A hired killer (Tinu Anand) has set his eyes on the young man, having mistaken the young man for the rich man too.

Posing as the rich man, the youth meets a girl, who is the daughter and assistant of a magician (K S Ramesh), who is residing in the hotel with his daughter and wife (Farida Jalal). Unknown to everybody, the rich mans brother has ordered a hit on him. The brother plans to usurp the whole estate by later killing his sister-in-law (Ramya). The hired killer too thinks like everybody else that the young man is actually his target.The killer comes up with ingenious ways to kill the young man, but falls in his own trap.

All this time, the young man remains ignorant about the dangers in his life. One day, however, the young man figures out that the killer is in the hotel to kill someone, but is unable to find the identity of his target. Suddenly, the hotel owner (Loknath) dies in his own hotel of old age. In a montage shown about the owner, the young man realises that the owner was a poor man, just like him. Seeing what the owner achieved by fair means, the young man begins to question his actions.

Some days later, the roadside beggar dies and municipality people come to take his dead body. However, seeing the beggars stash, they nearly throw his body on the pavement and start stealing the money. The young man decides to make things right. Meanwhile, the killer and the rich mans brother realise that they were targeting the wrong man all the time. At this time, the rich mans wife learns of her brother-in-laws treachery, upon which he locks her up in the bungalow.

The young man figures out the killers plan and sets the rich man free. He explains the situation to the rich man. The rich man goes back to his bungalow, where he learns the truth. While the rich man and the young man are able to rescue the rich mans wife, the police arrest the villains. After the matter has been taken care of, the young man decides to come clean to the magicians daughter as well.

He learns that the magicians daughters family is about to leave the hotel.The young man confesses the truth to the magicians daughter, but to his surprise she forgives him. While leaving the hotel, she drops a rose wrapped in a paper from her car, meaning that she has given him her address. However, before the young man can get the paper a gust of wind takes it away and it rolls all the way down the gutter implying the lovers never unite. The young man is not able to get the magicians daughter, but some days later, he is shown in a line for a job vacancy, although this time he has a rose in his hands and hope in his eyes.

While it is not clear that the young man got the job or not, it is certain that his outlook towards life has changed.

Director :

Singeetam Srinivasa Rao

Cast :

Kamal Hassan, Amala, Tinnu Anand

Genre :

Silent, Comedy

Producer :

Singeetam Srinivasa Rao
Shringar Nagaraj

Release Date :


Running Time :

131 minutes

Music :

L. Vaidyanathan

Soundtrack :