SHOCKING: After Karim Morani, nephew Alim Morani accused of having illegitimate sexual relations with a married woman

Source : Bollywood Hungama,
Oct 12 2017 05:42 AM IST

After reports of Karim Morani being accused of rape, his nephew Alim Morani is now embroiled in a scandal involving adultery. Alim, who is the Executive Director of Cineyug Group of Companies that run film and television production houses, has been charged of adultery by a British Airway employee for his alleged relation with the latter s wife.

The British Airways employee has lodged a complaint against his wife as well as Alim Morani at Andheri East Police Station [in suburban Mumbai] as well as has also filed for divorce from his wife at Parsi Matrimonial court at Bombay High Court. His wife is apparently a small time actress and model, who came in contact with Alim Morani owing to his association with the entertainment industry, and their affair came into light when her husband, the complainant, came across her laptop. The complainant has also further claimed that he holds evidence of his wife s illicit relation with Morani which includes photographs and WhatsApp messages.

Reportedly, the complainant had also written in the filed petition about the trauma he has been undergoing owing to his wife s infidelity. According to the said petition, he had also stated that his wife continued to live with him despite her sexual relations continuing with Alim.

While the complainant s advocate Shoaib Memon confirmed on the matter he didn t divulge details owing to sub judice, reports have it that the Morani family has been vehemently denying accusations claiming that it is an attempt to extort money from them.

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