Lucknow medical student Yusuf has fallen in love with Najma, the daughter of his wealthy neighbor, after seeing her only once. Encouraged by his friend Bedil, he decides to pursue her. Najma thinks he is too forward and tries to punish him by putting salt in his food at her familys Eid celebration, but accidentally serves it to his father Dr. Khan instead. Najma then falls in love with Yusuf, meeting him secretly in the garden.

Their romance is interrupted when Dr. Khan announces that he has betrothed his son to his cousin Raziya. Although Yusuf initially refuses to marry Raziya because she is an uneducated village girl and he loves Najma, Najma convinces him to marry Raziya to preserve his familys honor. Heartbroken, they both marry other people; Yusuf marries Raziya and Najma weds the wealthy Mukarram Nawab. Raziya finds out about Yusufs hidden love and becomes very jealous.

Meanwhile, Yusuf sinks into depression and Najma becomes ill with worry over him. Mukarram overhears Raziya jealously berating Najma over her love for Yusuf and resolves to kill him. But Mukarram has a serious accident and Yusuf is the only one who can save his life. Yusuf saves Mukarras life and assures him and Raziya that he does not wish to take Najma away. Giving up each other forever, Yusuf and Najma part.

Director :

Mehboob Khan

Cast :

Ashok Kumar, Veena, Kumar, Yakub, Sitara Devi, Majid, Agha, Murad, Rajkumari Shukla

Genre :

Muslim social

Producer :

Mehboob Khan

Release Date :


Running Time :

Music :

Rafiq Ghaznavi
Anjum Pilibhiti (lyrics)

Soundtrack :