Set in the 1930s, the film is about a group of tribals who live in a small village in Orissa amidst wild animals like tigers and boars. Apart from the problems faced by the animals that ruin the harvest, they also suffer in the hands of the greedy moneylenders and police informers. Around this time, a newly posted British administrator arrives at the village who happens to be passionate on hunting. He befriends Ghinua, a native tribal who is also an exceptional archer. The two get into a deal where Ghinua will be rewarded if he brings a big game.

The story then focusses on Sholpu, a young revolutionary surreptitiously comes into the village to meet his mother. Knowing this, the police informer chases him down till he reaches his house, but returns back after seeing the whole village turn against him. However, he waits for his turn to punish Sholpu. Suddenly there is a robbery in the village and one policeman is killed. The blame falls on Sholpu and the administrator declares a reward for his head.

The informer takes the opportunity and kills Sholpu thereby claiming the reward. Sholpus death creates a tension between the tribals and non-tribals. During this time, Dungri, Ghinuas wife, is abducted by a moneylender. Ghinua kills the moneylender to bring his wife back. Thinking that the time has come for the big game, he goes happily to meet the Sahab, the administrator.

The Sahab, however, hangs him for committing a murder. Till his death, Ghinua fails to understand why for the same action one is rewarded while the other is punished.

Director :

Mrinal Sen

Cast :

Mithun Chakraborty, Mamata Shankar, Anoop Kumar

Genre :


Producer :

K. Rajeshwara Rao

Release Date :


Running Time :

Music :

Salil Choudhury

Soundtrack :

Gaye Garua Se Bharti Hai
Mohammed Rafi - Pankaj Mitra
Suhag Reek Atauri Chetna Ko
Mohammed Rafi - Pankaj Mitra