Kahani Ek Chor Ki

Shankar (Madan Puri) a thief who commits theft with the help of his own small son Shyam, eclipsing his sons future. But his wife Gauri (Nirupa Roy) does not like this and decides to leave the house to save the future of her two sons. But unfortunately, she succeeds to carry her elder son Ram (Jeetendra) along with her leaving behind her younger son Shyam (Vinod Mehra) who is picked up by her husband Shankar. Gauri settles down in some other town far away from her husband and younger son. With the passing of time her elder son Ram gets a job in a mill and marries to one labour girl Sita (Moushumi Chatterjee).

They were very happy and Sita becomes pregnant. One day Ram saves one girl from the hands of a mill supervisor who wants to rape the girl and for that Ram has to pay the price. Mill manager dismisses Ram from the job. Due to Ram being now unemployed and sickness of his mother, Sita begins to work hard though pregnant. Ram does not get any job and he cannot buy medicines for Sita.

One day Sita gives birth to a son and dies. Sitas death in poverty gives Ram and unbearable shock which turns Ram into a smuggler whose only motive now is to get money by any means. But his mother Gauri who once left her husband for saving the future of Ram now decides to leave Ram to better the future of Rams son Raju.

Director :


Cast :

Moushumi Chatterjee, Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Nirupa Roy

Genre :


Producer :

Balubhai Shah

Release Date :


Running Time :

138 minutes

Music :

Ravindra Jain

Soundtrack :

Karishma Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Kishore Kumar - Hemlata
Sabko Muraaden Milti Hain
Kishore Kumar - Asha Bhosle
Yeh Raat Sard Sard Hai
Asha Bhosle
Chor Chor Ko Pakadte
Mahendra Kapoor - Hemlata - K.J. Yesudas