Joroo Ka Ghulam

Kalpana (Nanda) is a daughter of a rich man who always worries that his daughter might fall in love. Hence he always controls her not to talk with men. But Kalpana does not care about it. She leaves for her uncles house to continue her studies. In the city Kalpana visits an art gallery and gets attracted by a painting of an artist named Rajesh (Rajesh Khanna).

She gets angry when a photographer tries to get sketch without her consent. Meanwhile an aspiring artist who works for an assignment for ad of the company where Kalpanas uncle work. Due to the deadline pressure he sketches Kalpana for the ad without her knowledge as he was not satisfied with the models he saw. The next day Kalpanas picture get published in newspaper and Kalpana gets angry on that. She finds that the sketch was portrayed by artist Rajesh and her anger goes away.

Both of them become good friends and then eventually fall in love. Kalpanas father comes to know about this and he lies to her that Kalpanas mother is ill. Kalpana rushes to home but to find it was her fathers lie as he does not want his daughter to be away anymore. He arranges for Kalpanas marriage with a son of rich man who looks like an elephant. Kalpana runs away to Rajesh and insists to marry her.

Rajesh initially refuse as his financial background is not stable but finally agree on Kalpanas compulsion. Both marry and settle with their life.Rajesh tells Kalpana that they go to Kalpanas father and apologize for whatever happened much against likes of Kalpana. Unwillingly she goes to her father. She tells him wait outside and she alone goes inside her home.

Kalpanas father insults Rajesh badly and tells he is looking only for the money and property of Kalpana. She gets angry and leaves the place along with Rajesh. But Kalpana has touch with her mother through letters. She writes to her mother that Rajesh is now rich and bought a bungalow, car etc. so as to irritate her father.

Kalpana and Rajesh are blessed with a boy and Kalpanas father changes his mind to see his grandson. He informs Kalpana about their arrival for the naming ceremony of the child. Now Kalpana is in trouble as she has lied to her parents about Rajeshs wealth and growth which is not known even to Rajesh.She hires a bungalow and car for two days until the departure of her parents. Rajesh tries to refrain her from lying and when she refuses to listen to him, he angrily tells her that she should hire a husband too, if she could hire a house and car and leaves.

Kalpana, confused and tensed asks her friends brother to play the role of her husband for two days and he hesitatingly agrees. Kaplanas parents buy everything though they feel things are bit chaotic. They attribute it to the inexperience of their daughter and lack of domestic help. On other side, Rajesh feels quite ashamed of leaving his wife like that and comes back. When he comes to know of arrangements, he settles there as domestic help.

Now comedy of errors cycle around the bungalow for the next two days with Kalpana,Rajesh and Kalpanas fake husband who is about to marry Kalpanas another friend within two days. Things go normal till two days till Kalpanas parents announce that they want to continue the stay to spend more time with their grand-kid and make him their heir. Their landlord, persons who gave car and furniture on rent come to take them back. Moreover Kalpanas cousin who expected that he would inherit property becomes bitter and kidnaps the child. After Rajesh saves his child and his father-in-laws money, drama gets unveiled.

Finally Kalpanas parents buy house, car and furniture and ask forgiveness for not understanding Rajeshs character before, and finally things come to an order.

Director :

A. Bhimsingh

Cast :

Rajesh Khanna, Nanda

Genre :


Producer :

Release Date :


Running Time :

Music :

Kalyanji Anandji

Soundtrack :

Aaiye Aap Ko Main
Kishore Kumar
Jaam Par Jaam Peene Se
Lata Mangeshkar
Nainon Mein Nindiya Hai
Kishore Kumar - Lata Mangeshkar
Baras Gayi Re
Kishore Kumar
Mera Chain Khoya Hua
Kishore Kumar - Asha Bhosle