Finding Fanny

The film begins with Ferdinand Ferdie Pinto (Naseeruddin Shah), receiving a letter in the middle of the night and realises that his one true love Stefanie Fanny Fernandes (Anjali Patil), never knew his true feelings for her. Angelina Angie Eucharistica (Deepika Padukone), a young widow and a dear friend to Ferdie decides to help him find Fanny with the help of her mother-in-law Rosalina Rosie Eucharistica (Dimple Kapadia), a good-for-nothing artist called Don Pedro Cleto Colaco (Pankaj Kapur) and her childhood friend Savio Da Gama (Arjun Kapoor), who has only recently returned from Mumbai after leaving when Angie got married to Gabo Eucharistica (Ranveer Singh), his best friend instead of him. They set off in high hopes of finding Fanny.On the journey, Ferdie throws Rosies cat out of the window by accident whilst sneezing as he is allergic so to keep her unawares, they pretend that the cat is sleeping. They visit Fannys old house and find a deranged Russian man Vladmir Olianov (Mihai Fusu), who eventually tells them that Fanny sold him the house 20 years ago and moved to Tivoli.

On the journey at a rail crossing, Ferdie tells Savio that Rosies husband isnt dead, and instead had run away to Madagascar with a girl; Rosie had simply lied to the village for the sake of pride. As they approach Tivoli, Ferdie gives a speech and thanks everyone for joining him on his journey unbeknownst to him, everybody has their own reasons for going on the journey except from Angie who just wants to help Ferdie. However, Savio realises that they have gone the wrong way and are now, in fact, in another state as Ferdie cant read a map. When they run out of petrol, Ferdie volunteers to go and get some in the morning so they spend the night in the field next to the road. Don Pedro tries his hand at seducing Rosie into being a model for his painting whilst Savio and Angie go away from the others to talk.

Savio tells Angie that he doesnt have a big business in Mumbai as presumed, he was a waiter for 5 years and is as poor as the rest of them. It is revealed that Angie only married Gabo because Savio never asked her, she was in fact, in love with Savio as he was with her. He kisses her and she slaps him. They eventually talk and after realising that they both still have feelings for each other, they have sex.In the morning, Ferdie goes to find petrol and comes back to Rosie posing in the field for Don Pedro and Angie and Savio talking.

Don Pedro has dropped his prettiness of suave sophistication and is mistreating Rosie. When she sees the painting, she is devastated as she thought it was for church when it is in fact a nude unflattering portrait of her. Don Pedro walks off with the painting and finds the jerry can that Ferdie has left along with a letter explaining that he is going on alone and thanking them for coming this far with him. The rest of them start to leave but Rosie refuses to go, saying that they cant leave Ferdie. She gets extremely upset and begins yelling at Savio, telling him that he should have died, not Gabo and that Gabo only married Angie because Savio was in love with her.

Savio angrily tells her off for being selfish herself and tells her that her cat is dead and she hadnt even noticed, leaving everyone else to look after it. They bury the cat and set off home. On the way, Rosie accidentally opens the glove compartment in the car and finds Savios fathers revolver and puts it to her head, intending to shoot herself. When no one notices, she coughs and Savio sees his dads revolver which is an antique and worth a lot of money and begins wrestling with Rosie for the gun, whilst driving. When they are fighting for the gun, its goes off and Don Pedro gets shot in the head without anyone noticing.

They turn the car around and go to look for Ferdie; they find him by the road side waiting for the bus but cant pick him up as the car brakes fail. The back door of the car opens and when the car veers close to the cliff edge, Don Pedros body falls out. The car eventually comes to a stop and Angie notices that Don Pedro has gone. Rosie says that he jumped out of the car to save himself, then Ferdie sees someone who he thinks is Don Pedro on a passing bus, while in fact, his body is on the bottom of the ocean floor.The rest of them carry on to Tivoli to find Fanny.

They get to the village to see a funeral procession go past; Ferdie sees a woman that he thinks is his beloved Fanny. He runs up to her only to discover that it is Fannys daughter (Anjali Patil) and the funeral procession is for Fanny. Ferdie is told that Fanny was married four times and never even mentioned his name to her daughter, implying that he wasnt important to her. They go to the funeral and Angie muses that you cant wait for love, you must go out and find it. There is a flash forward to six months later to a wedding, initially presumed to be between Savio and Angie but is in fact between Ferdie and Rosie.

The happy couple drives away into the sunset, leaving behind Angie and Savio kissing at the church as they leave.Finding Fanny has received critical acclaim. Raja Sen of gave the film four stars and said the film gives much to smile pleasantly at [and] to guffaw at. A reviewer from Bollywood Hungama said, Writer-director Homi Adajania has dared to break all conventional rules and manages to serve an absorbing and entertaining story that keeps you interested [.

] It will surely appeal to the target group of a discerning audience that values sensible entertainment. Sweta Kaushal of Hindustan Times commented that all the actors have done a brilliant job, fitting perfectly in their characters and described the picture as a not-to-be-missed take on life and love. In a four star review, Mumbai Mirror s Rahul Desai regarded the film as a breakthrough film involving commercial actors, saying This film is exactly the kind of brave clutter-breaking effort that most critics wish for while lamenting the rigidness of mainstream stars. Sarita Tanwar of Daily News and Analysis praised the film for being real, funny and thoughtful. Filmyflavour rated the film 3.

75 out of 5 and quoted that If you are expecting a mass masala film from the director and deepika then you would certainly get disappointed. If you are a class film lover you will definitely love this film.

Director :

Homi Adajania

Cast :

Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor

Genre :


Producer :

Dinesh Vijan

Release Date :


Running Time :

101 minutes

Music :

Mathias Duplessy

Soundtrack :

Fanny Re
Mir Mukhtiyar Ali
Mir Mukhtiyar Ali
Mahi Ve
Mir Mukhtiyar Ali
Mir Mukhtiyar Ali
Ding Dong
Mathias Duplessy
Alan Mercer
Shake Your Bootiya
Divya Kumar
Dinesh Vijan - Mayur Puri