Ek Din 24 Ghante

The film revolves around a father-girl-guy relationship. Sameera Dutta (Nandita Das) is the wild daughter who comes into conflict with her father when she meets Viren (Rahul Bose). Sameera believes she has found true love, but it happens that Viren has a serious gambling problem and owes Rs. 2 million to a casino owner, Patel (Vineet Kumar). Viren seeks Sameeras help and in desperation and out of resentment for her father she threatens to reveal to her mother that he has a mistress who is pregnant with his child.

When her father fails to give her the money, she places a revolver to his head. Her father not only informs the police, but he also hires a hitman to kill his daughter. Meanwhile, a strike cripples the city so Sameera must make her way on foot to the drop-off location to pay off Patel and save Virens life. After narrowly escaping both the police and her fathers hired hitman, Sameera reaches the drop-off. After killing her pursuers, Patel takes the money and lets Viren go.

However, Sameera accidentally overhears Viren telling how he staged the whole incident with Patel to obtain her fathers money and that their relationship is a sham. After shooting and killing Viren, Sameera walks away.

Director :

Anant Balani

Cast :

Rahul Bose, Nandita Das

Genre :

Producer :

Devang Dholakia, Vijay Jindhal, Vivek Suchanti

Release Date :


Running Time :

95 minutes

Music :

Sanju Chakravarty

Soundtrack :