This film narrated the story of a king who loses his sight and needs a ‘Nagi Jyothi (‘serpent light!) found in ‘Sarpaloka (serpent world!). A young man (Gemini Ganesan) working in the palace and in love with the princess (Anjali Devi) undertakes the hazardous journey of going to the netherworld and getting the magic light from the hood of a snake in the custody of the serpent queen (Vyjayanthimala). The queen is attracted to the young man who pretends to be in love with her mainly to get the light. He succeeds in getting it and the queen curses him to become an ugly man. The princess marries the prince, but they are banished and live in a hut.

Soon a boy is born. The devoted wife faces many trials and tribulations before she and her son help her husband regain his original form. And they live happily thereafter.

Director :


Cast :

Vyjantimala, Anjali Devi, Gemini Ganesh, Krishna Kumari, M. N. Nambiar, Daisy Irani, Agha, Bipin Gupta, Indira Bansal

Genre :

Fantasy Drama

Producer :

Narayanan Iyengar

Release Date :


Running Time :

178 min

Music :

C. Ramchandra

Soundtrack :