Kiran (Juhi Chawla), a college student, on her way home for Holi celebrations, hears a man serenading her across the campus in Shimla. Her heart seems to swell and she assumes that her boyfriend, Sunil (Sunny Deol), has come to meet her and escort her home. However, it isnt Sunil, but Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), a classmate who has a crush on her. The opening number, Jaado Teri Nazar, sets the tone for the film, in which Rahul pursues Kiran with increasingly desperate vigor, much to the chagrin of Kiran, Sunil, her brother Vijay (Anupam Kher) and her sister-in-law Poonam (Tanvi Azmi).Kiran boards the train back home, disappointed that Sunil did not show up to escort her.

Sunil is a Navy Marine Commando officer, and is sent on a mission to free a child hostage from some terrorists on the high seas. Courageously with just a couple of guns, and a knife, Sunil manages to take out at least a dozen machine-gun toting and heavily armed terrorists without breaking a sweat. Rahul is the son of captain Mehra (Dilip Tahil) who also happens to be the captain of Sunil. Rahul tries to be friendly with Sunil in order to be closer to Kiran.When Kiran reaches her brothers home, she is immediately accosted by a flashlight wielding Rahul, who stops her from entering with what will become his signature line, I love you, k-k-k-kiran.

That terrifying stutter becomes Rahuls calling card, literally, as he continues to stalk her over the phone, causing much stress to the family. In order to calm her nerves, Sunil takes Kiran to visit the small home which he bought for them to live in once they are married. For Sunil and Kiran, marriage is the solution, as they think no stalker could possibly be crazy enough to continue to make threatening phone calls after his dream girl is married.Rahul longs to be close to Kiran by any means necessary, and constantly schemes to make that happen. When he learns that her family will be celebrating Holi at their home with some friends, he decides to crash the party incognito as a member of the band joining them in Holi celebrations and taking part in song after the song.

Sunil asks Kiran to offer the band some money for their performance, where Rahul, veiled in Holi colors and with an unshaven face, creeps Kiran out with one of his I love You, k-k-k-kiran outbursts. Kiran shrieks and sends Sunil off to take care of the hooligan who has invaded their home, which leads to a foot chase.When Rahul hears that Sunil and Kiran are engaged, he doesnt take the news well. He tries to shoot Sunil, when the couple are out shopping for a wedding ring, from what he believes is a safe distance. Unfortunately for Rahul, he misses and Sunil begins to chase the attacker.

Rahul narrowly escapes with Sunil meeting with an accident. Soon Kiran and Sunil get married but the lovelorn Rahul does not get over Kiran yet. In fact, Rahul keeps talking to large photographs of Kiran projected on every wall of his bedroom, promises her that she will be his no matter what. He defaces the newly married couples home with graffiti declaring his love, causing more distress to them. To get away from the stalker, Sunil takes Kiran on a surprise honeymoon to Switzerland.

Learning their location through devious means, Rahul turns up at their hotel in the Alps. Kiran recognizes him from the school much to his surprise and the couple welcome him to be part of their festivities. But Sunil gets suspicious after her gets call from Vijay the same evening telling him about Rahul is the one who has been Kirans culprit being obsessed with her and after her crazily for those days. He sends Kiran away on a boat and confronts Rahul. Rahul takes off but Sunil catches up with him in the forest where they have a fight.

Surprisingly, Rahul overpowers Sunil, leaves him for dead, abducts Kiran, forcing her to marry him. Luckily for Kiran, Sunil comes back, beats Rahul badly and kills him by shooting him three bullets. The couple then head back to India, reunite with their family and live happily ever after.

Director :

Yash Chopra

Cast :

Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan

Genre :


Producer :

Yash Chopra

Release Date :


Running Time :

177 minutes

Music :


Soundtrack :

Tu Mere Saamne
Lata Mangeshkar - Udit Narayan
Ang Se Ang Lagana
Alka Yagnik - Vinod Rathod - Sudesh Bhosle
Jaadu Teri Nazar
Udit Narayan
Darwaza Band Karlo
Lata Mangeshkar - Abhijeet Bhattacharya
Likha Hai Ye
Hariharan - Lata Mangeshkar
Meri Maa Ne Laga Diye
Lata Mangeshkar - Kavita Krishnamurthy - Pamela Chopra