Black Cat

Few people in real life would relish making the decision that Inspector Rajan is forced to take when he corners the identity of Black Cat a notorious character who lives the life of a professor by day and a crook by night. Inspector Rajan is deputed to bring in Black Cat dead or alive by his chief, the Commissioner of Police. Despite his long record of success in the police force, Rajan is driven to desperation at the sheer genius of Black Cat who avoids all the nets laid for him. Also engaged in the chase of Black Cat is a jovial private detective and his untiring secretary Bul Bul. The pair start on their own collect clues and despite the seeing bufoonery of Popat, played by Johny Walker and his ubiquitous companion, Shammi, they manage to bring to light quite a bit of information after many hair-raising adventures into the den of Black Cat.

Meanwhile Inspector Rajan gets his long-needed break and suddenly the entire police force is electrified into activity, as the true identity of the notorious gangster is revealed.But all hearsay is of no avail.Rajan must have proof of Black Cats guilt. This sets the stage for the most thrilling screen adventures of the day. Black Cat and his hoodlums work so methodically and are so well organized that to unravel the mystery of their gang the Inspector must venture right into the midst of their headquarters, and carry his life in his own hands, to put it literally.

Director :

N. A. Ansari

Cast :

Balraj Sahni, Minu Mumtaz, Johnny Walker, N. A. Ansari, Shammi, Tuntun

Genre :

Thriller Drama

Producer :


Release Date :


Running Time :

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