Seema lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom in Bombay, India. Her mother is a compassionate soul who rents out several rooms in a self-owned building, which is occupied by very poor and nearly destitute people like Chandu - who sells Rotis for a living; Rammurthy - who sells milk; as well as Murari who is physically handicapped, and Manglu who is unable to find employment nor food for his wife and malnourished children. Seemas mom often ends up looking after her tenants financially and also gives them ample time to find money to pay the rent. While returning home from a picnic in Khandala, Seema ends up in the wrong train compartment and meets a young man by the name of Rajan. She finds out that he wants to rent a room in Bombay and asks him to approach his mother.

Upon arrival he does locate Seemas mom, and is permitted to share a room with Chandu and Rammurthy - much to his displeasure as he had expected a room to himself. Eventually both he and Seema fall in love. Seemas mother wants to retire and as a result transfers the property to Seemas name and goes for a Tirth Yatra. When she returns nothing is the same anymore as Seema, who wants a luxurious lifestyle, has sold the building to Bihari, and is all set to evict the tenants forcibly. Watch what happens when Seemas mother and Rajan decide to confront her to try and stop this sale.

Director :

Ram Kamlani

Cast :

Shashi Kapoor, Faryal, Pran, Lalita Pawar

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