Tired of facing assaults by the corrupt policemen and lawbreakers in the hilly village areas, Kundan (Sunil Shetty) decides to move to Mumbai with his younger brother Kisna (Kunal Khemu). With the help of honest lawyer Satyaprakash (Om Puri) and his two daughters Pooja (Pooja Batra) and Meenu (Sonali Bendre). Kundan soon gets a job as an auto driver, and begins to send Kisna to school. Soon they change their lifestyle and become city dwellers. Don David (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Malik (Rajendra Gupta) are arch rivals in the city, struggling to come to power, and corrupt minister Mantri tries to support both for his own profit.

Later, Satyaprakash is murdered by Davids men, and Kundans brother Kisna witnesses David murdering Satyaprakash, and he tells Kundan. When David finds out that Kisna will tell the police, he sends his men to murder Kisna, killing him. An angry and devastated Kundan seeks revenge. He sets out and murders the dons men one after the other. He is supported by honest cop Inspector Lalit Kapoor (Kader Khan) and the entire locality, including friends (Shakti Kapoor).

He does not even acknowledge Malik when he comes to him to support him.Soon Kundan becomes Bhai, a don who is loved and respected by all. He marries Pooja and they have a son whom they name Kisna. But Pooja is not happy with Kundans activities, as she feels it can harm both him and his family. Kundan is joined by Meenu in all his activities.

Enemies never at bay for those who take the gun, Mantri gets Inspector Lalit transferred to another area. Malik and David now team up along with Mantri to eliminate Kundan. On one occasion,when Kisna is taken to hospital by Kundans friends and Meenu, all of them are attacked and murdered, but not before Ganesh (Mohan Joshi) manages to save Kisna and bring him to Kundan. Kundan is then arrested on false charges of murder, and his enemies conspire to take him to the hills and eliminate him, coincidentally, at the very jungles from which Kundan first came.Kundan breaks away in the police jeep which the villains immolate, and drives it through the waterfalls in the jungle,into the river.

Malik, David, Mantri and the other corrupt cops set out in search of Kundan through the jungle, but unfortunately for them, Lalit arrives as the inspector in charge of the area. He helps Kundan by shooting his handcuffs. Kundan then takes on all the goons in the jungle he knows so well, eliminating them one by one, even blasting the helicopter carrying Mantri trying to shoot him down. Finally after all is over, he surrenders to Lalit. The film ends with Lalit and Kundan arriving back at home and a happy reunion.

Director :

Deepak Shivdasani

Cast :

Sunil Shetty, Sonali Bendre, Pooja Batra

Genre :


Producer :

Deepak Shivdasani

Release Date :


Running Time :

154 mins

Music :

Anand Milind

Soundtrack :

Katti Batti
Udit Narayan - Aditya Narayan
Sare Mohalle Mein
Vinod Rathod - Sadhana Sargam
Khul Gaya Naseeb
Abhijeet - Aditya Narayan - Chandana Dixit
Mujhe Ek Bar
Abhijeet - Poornima
Husna Tumhara
Udit Narayan - Alka Yagnik - Shankar Mahadevan
Sajna Sajni
Suresh Wadkar - Sadhana Sargam