The story revolves around Lata who lives a wealthy lifestyle with her parents and they would like her to get married to wealthy Shekhar she initially approves it. Shortly thereafter she meets with Vasant Kumar and both fall in love with each other and get married. Heart broken and angry Shekhar starts to investigate Vasants background. Finds out that Vasants real name is Ashok, an editor for a magazine. What happens in Ashok or Vasant Kumar life?.

Director :

M. V. Raman

Cast :

Vyjayanthimala, Karan Dewan, Pran, Pandhari Bai, Gope, Chaman Puri, Leela Mishra, Om Prakash, Sunder

Genre :

Romantic Drama

Producer :

A. V. Meiyappan

Release Date :


Running Time :

170 min

Music :

S. D. Burman

Soundtrack :


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