Anokha Bandhan

Shyamlal (Navin Nischol) works as a clerk at Zamindar (Ashok Kumar), he has a happy family his wife Annapurna / Anu (Shabana Azmi), step-mother (Seema Deo), step-brother Ram (Master Bittu). Anu promises, Anu was her mother-in-law on her death bed that she take care of Ram as her own son and her mother-in-law passes away. After sometimes of Anu gives birth to a baby boy even then her love and affection was much towards Ram. Ram and Annapurnas child live like the real brothers. But their happiness was not too much long when Anus mother (Shashikala) came to her house who does want that Anu should hate Ram.

One day, she angry ram who throw a stone to her but by mistake it gets hit by anu.Ram promise Anu that he will now always obey her mother.But Anu s mother kills heera their sheep. Ram angrily try to kill her but is stopped by anu. In the school the grandson of Zamindar jokes on his death sheep then he is brutally beaten by Ram and is gone to coma.

Angrily Zamindar tells Shyam that he will no longer work for him. On hearing this Shyam get the house into two one for him his wife and his son and the other one for Ram and also tell Anu that if she ever talk to Ram then she s going to see the dying face of Shyam. But soon Anu gets the fever in night. So, Ram runs to the doctor s house. Doctor tells Shyam that Ram is the one who told him that Anu is not well and also tell him that only the god is one who can only save her.

Ram hears it and rushes to the Mandir (Temple) where the pujari gives him the Prasad. He rushes to house where Anu s mother tries to stop her but Ram beats her and gets in house. Shyam sees it and tell that she can now talk to Ram and can also eat the prasad. Anu s mother also leave the house. The film ends with the happy ending.

Director :

Mehul Kumar

Cast :

Shabana Azmi, Seema Deo, Aruna Irani

Genre :


Producer :

Ratan Irani

Release Date :


Running Time :

139 minutes

Music :

Usha Khanna

Soundtrack :

Haathi Ghoda Palki
Nida Fazli
Nakhre Waali Hamari
Amit Kumar
Nida Fazli
Piya Tune Apne Rang
Shabbir Kumar - Asha Bhosle
Asad Bhopali
Ram Lakhan The Do Bhai
Asha Bhosle
Yogesh Gaud
Ram Tumhi Ne Humko
Asha Bhosle
Yogesh Gaud
Tu Itni Door Kyun Hai Maa
Alka Yagnik
Nida Fazli