The Classic Movie Club (CMC) is setup here in the USA for the preservation of old music and movies. As probably everyone knows most movies (about 5000) before 1958 have not survived. The 35 mm prints were melted down and converted to make ladies purses. We have lost a great history. No body had the foresight to see the great historic values of the music and the movies. It would have been great to have a TV channel like AMC in India. 

We have not had much luck in the preservation of Hindi music either. The original soundtrack of movies as well as the masters of 78 rpm records were also destroyed to  reuse for newer songs. Although HMV is now restoring the music from 78 rpm records. We applaud HMV for this action. As we all remember the Radio Ceylon program on Sunday night from 10 to 11 PM. This was on the most cherished radio program of its time.

The CMC is not for profit organization. As a matter of fact we loose considerable amount of money every month. We have spent considerable time and money into our site. Any funds we do generate buys more 78 rpm records from India. The 78 rpm music is then converted into a digital music and saved off. We have  about 600 cassettes of Old songs mostly using the 78 rpm records. These cassettes can be purchased from . We have recently started making some CD's in limited quantity. The CD's can be ordered

Another aim of CMC is to buy the old movies prints from abroad. Some of the movie prints do exist in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Egypt, UK, Canada and even in USA Gov. library. I would like to invite Zee TV, Sony TV and other organization to get behind our effort to the restoration of old prints.

Recently we talked to a producer of Punjabi movies in India. He had made about dozen movies between 1960 and 1975. Recently he asked the Bombay Film Lab. to return the negative of his movies. Unfortunately no prints were found at the  Lab. He was asking us to get him prints from Canada where he might have sold some prints.

By supporting us you are helping in the preservation of old music/movies. If you have a print of a rare movie available, help us to make a digital copy of it. The prints will be returned to you unharmed. Even if you have an incomplete  film we may find the missing reels somewhere else. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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