BOLLYWOOD FAN FICTION: An Alternate And More Butt Kicking Ending To ‘A GENTLEMAN’ (2017)

You would think that a bad movie would annoy and frustrate you to no point. But it's the good movies with wasted potential that get to me the most. Those movies that have almost everything going for them-- great cast, amazing performances, an interesting story and a director that knows what to do with it all-- but then something screws it all up.

I found a recent movie like that in 'A Gentleman' (our Movie Review here) which was really great. But the lackluster ending somewhat threatened to ruin how much I enjoyed the rest of the movie. But there was a (relatively) easy fix.

Read on for my alternate ending of the Bollywood movie 'A Gentleman'.

Note: Obviously to understand this alternate ending, you would've had to watch the movie.  So this article will contain Spoilers for 'A Gentleman'! Feel free to read our Spoiler-free Review, watch the movie, then catch up with this article. And if you don't care... then read on!

This alternate ending begins right when the Colonel enters Rishi's house in the third act with his goons.

Rishi's (Sidharth Malhotra) perfect dream house house blows up with the Colonel (Sunil Shetty) and his henchmen still inside. The camera moves away in an aerial shot of the neighbourhood, with Rishi's house, a smoking mess.  (Same shot that is in the movie.)

We then cut to Yakub (Darshan Kumaar) in the thick of a massacre with the cops from the previous scene. The last time we saw him, the camera cut away to gun shots, but we didn't actually see Yakub die. He's in a desperate firefight with a suburban street full of Police Officers. His companions have all been shot and killed, and he manages to expertly shoot down almost every officer at the scene. Until he runs out of bullets.

With a bullet in his leg and arm respectively, Yakub lunges across the hood of a police car to the remaining officer, taking another bullet to the shoulder in the process, and engages him! The close proximity prevents the copper from getting a shot off, making it easier for Yakub to disarm him.

He's a big guy, this Gora. Buzz cut hair. Probably one of those former Special Forces guys who was so messed up after his tours in whatever politically unstable country, that being a Police Officer was the only career move that made sense. But he's probably also just straight enough to get assigned somewhere where he won't see a lot of action, and is least likely to trigger violent war flashbacks. A beat where the biggest incidents are noise complaints from nosy retirees as their neighbours party too hard after the annual neighbourhood BBQ.

So trying to snap his wrist off while slamming an elbow in his face is probably not the best course of action with this guy.

The cop is able to break free of Yakub's hold and the two trade blows, along with a series of grapples, reversals and counter strikes. Definitely Special Forces, this guy. Yakub eventually remembers the pocketknife he keeps tucked in his boot. As the cop begins to choke him out, he desperately reaches his knife, only to realize he saw it coming.

The copper grabs Yakub's wrist, he turns and strikes him in the face a few times to loosen his grip. The two tussle; the cop trying to not get stabbed, and Yakub, wanting desperately to do the stabbing.

Yakub gets the upper hand, pinning the cop down with one arm by his neck, while the other hand, knife included, is poised to pierce the cop's chest. The two are locked in a stalemate. Straining every muscle in their bodies.

Everything feels hotter. Yakub becomes instantly aware of his surroundings, faintly hearing the incoming police sirens for the first time. While he can't see them himself, daring not to take his eyes off of his PTSD suffering friend here, he can still feel the gaze of the brave few onlookers that dare to keep an eyes on the fight, from behind their safe spots. The most exciting thing to happen in their neighbourhood since Mr. Smith's July 4th fireworks set the Goldman's labradoodle on fire.

In a move that's more animalistic instinct, than conscious aware-ness... Yakub lets out a wild scream that both echoes his physical exhaustion, while at the same time trying to defy it...

We cut back to Rishi's house. A pile of rubble now. Rishi stands in the physical manifestation of his shattered dreams. His failures personified in the burnt La-Z-Boy recliner in the corner of his family room. The hole in his heart being represented by the massive hole in the wall where he one day planned to hang that 'Sholay' poster.

He thinks to himself,'God... what a shit show--'

Interrupted by a sudden brute force that slams him into one of the remaining walls of his house. It's the Colonel! He survived the explosion. But how?! Even before he could finish the thought, Rishi's eye catches the singed but, intact dining table that The Colonel seemed to emerge from.

FAN FICTION: An Alternate And More Butt Kicking Ending To 'A GENTLEMAN' (2017)

It was custom. Made from reclaimed barn door wood. Thick oak. He should've gone with the floor model.

The Colonel throws Rishi towards the pile of rubble that was his foyer. Before Rishi can get back up, a piece of something hard and wooden slams against his head, instantly knocking him back down. His vision is blurry. He hears something. The Colonel talking, but his hearing comes and goes.

The Colonel is raving. Something about feeling betrayed. Rishi tries to asses the situation. Use his training. Ironically, the training given to him by the same man now trying to beat him into a pulp. Scratch that. Succeeding in beating him to a pulp. He's fucked.

The Colonel is bigger, stronger and much, much angrier than Rishi. He's talking about being a father to him. He's very bitter over Rishi leaving. Oh, he's so fucked.

The Colonel takes him on a beatdown tour of his own former home. Taking every opportunity to knock down any remaining pieces of furniture with Rishi's body, and raining blows on his ribs and face when there are none.

They're in the kitchen now. He thinks. As Rishi tries to wonder if it's his backsplash or the tiled floor that his face is against at that moment, his thoughts suddenly turn to Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez). She's wrapped up in all this. And once the Colonel finishes with him, she's next. And knowing her big mouth, and unique ability to make a bad situation worse, it's not going to be quick.

FAN FICTION: An Alternate And More Butt Kicking Ending To 'A GENTLEMAN' (2017)

Before he can act on this new found thought process, he finds himself tumbling across what could be the remnants of kitchen counter back onto the floor. He can hear the Colonel stampeding towards him again. Rishi's eyes frantically search the floor, the blood from his head making it harder to see anything. But he sees something. He reaches out, shrieking pain shooting through his entire arm, just before he's grabbed by his neck from the back and pulled onto his feet.

With his face only inches away from The Colonel's, Rishi notices that he's not talking anymore. His eyes betray his surprise. The Colonel is just as stunned as Rishi, as they both look down on the piece of wood protruding from his abdomen. It's angled upwards. Probably in his heart. Even disoriented, Rishi knows the the proper way to stab an opponent. Thanks Colonel!

They both drop onto the floor. Rishi from being unable to stand. The Colonel choking up blood, and eventually becoming incapacitated. It's over. Rishi kicks and struggles his way to a nearby door way, propping himself up. While staring at the Colonel's dead body, being vigilant to ensure he's truly dead this time, Rishi misses the silhouette blocking the front door to the house.

It's Yakub.

A bloody, beaten down and limping Yakub.

"Did you really think you were better?!" Yakub began monologuing. Unfortunately, it seems Rishi's hearing was back.

"He did!" pointing to the Colonel's body. "And look what he got! You were always his favorite. Always the one who got all the attention--"

Two abrupt gun shots cut him off. Yakub was stunned. Rishi even more so. Yakub's body fell to the floor revealing an exasperated Kavya standing behind him outside the door way, expertly holding a gun. Sideways.

"This is why I don't watch Indian TV Serials: I just can't stand the melodrama." She says non-chalantly like she just changed the channel.

FAN FICTION: An Alternate And More Butt Kicking Ending To 'A GENTLEMAN' (2017)

Rishi smiles in relief, but his swollen and battered face doesn't really respond to his emotions.

The scene then cuts away and fades from an aerial shot of his burning home to Rishi and Kavya on the expressway in the car. (as happens in the actual movie)